AFOMDnet network


CANtool (tool for Analytical capitaizing in French) is one of the two multilingual internet tools developed by AFOMDnet project AFOMDnet.

CANtool materializes a decentralized approach to capitalize and characterize operations in the areas of research and development, without depending on the viscissitudes of a central service.
It is destined to scientists and profesionals involved in networks to address common themes in various areas.
The users' manual helps you to know more about its objectives and its simple use.
Items of originalty
  • Decentralized feeding
  • Referencing pertains to the ID of the operation conducted
  • Indication about the actions actually implemented
  • Characterize actions through using thesauruses, i.e. trees of keywords delineated from global themes up to 3-4 levels
  • Possible to provide qualitative appreciations about the implementation of the operation