Study of Chinese program to modernize and mechanize its agriculture

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  • Fok Michel
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  • 2013-10-17
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  • 2013-10-17
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  • Type of operation
  • Research operation
  • Domain(s)
  • Other
  • Description
  • Concerned by the issue of "who will farm tomorrow", China has launched in late 2012 a new program of "family farmers". This program is destined to improve the attractiveness of agriculture by enabling the increase of farm size and its mechanisation (Soucieuse du futur de son agriculture, la Chine a lancé à la fin de 2012 un nouveau programme de "family farmers". Le programme vise à rendre l'agriculture plus attrayante en soutenant l'augmentation de la taille des exploitations et la mécanisation des opérations agricoles).
  • Countries concerned
  • China
  • Scheduled starting date
  • 2013-07-01
  • Scheduled ending date
  • 2013-09-09
  • Actual starting date
  • 2013-07-22
  • Actual ending date
  • 2013-09-16
  • Mandating Entity
  • CIRAD, UR-SCA (Michel Fok)
  • Implementation entity
  • CIRAD, UR-SCA (Michel Fok)
  • Other partners to implementation
  • Hebei Agricultural University (Guiyan Wang, Weili Liang)
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  • Related former operation
  • Surveys implemented in Hebei province from 2002 to 2009
  • Objectives
  • Increasing food production
  • Other objectives
  • Control the exit from agriculture (contrôler la sortie de l'activité agricole)
  • Studied innovations

  • Organizational or institutional innovations
  • Novel mechanism of income support to farmers
    Novel mechanism of land management
    Novel mechanism of support to agricultural intensification
  • Details about organizational and or institutional innovations
  • Subsidy to farmers; substantial support for acquisition of farming machineries; official guarantee of land renting contractc (subvention aux producteurs; soutien financier à l'acquisition des machines agricoles; garantie officielle des contrats de location des terres)


  • Action
  • Analysis of the lack of agriculture attractiveness (analyse de la désaffection de l'agriculture)
  • Details
  • The income gap is increasing between rural and urban people; farmers are getting older; their children are little interested and involved in farming (l'écart de revenu s'accroît entre ruraux et urbains; le vieillissement des agriculteurs est notable; leurs enfants sont peu intéressés et peu impliqués dans l'agriculture)
  • Keywords
  • Lack of coherence in the State involvement
    Improve the adaptation of actions by the State
  • Action
  • Analysis of the "family farmers" program (analyse du programme "family farmers")
  • Details
  • The program is implemented in 2012. Experiences are undergone about a new status of "family farmers" which is allocated to those who applied for and who comply with criteria. In compensation, family farmers get subsidies, financial support to buy machineries and benefit from official guaranty to rent land in. (Le programme est exécuté depuis 2012. Les expériences sont engagés pour un nouveau statut de "family farmers" attribué à ceux qui en ont font la demande et qui répondent aux critères. En retour, les paysans obtiennent subvention au revenu, soutien financier à l'acquisition de machines agricoles, et garantie officielle dans la laction de terres pour s'agrandir)
  • Keywords
  • Non access to land
    Improve the access to land for rural producers
    Develop land market
    Lack or insufficiency of equipment
    Support the equipment targeted on types of producers
    Non optimal size (often too small size) of farms
    Increase the size of farms in compliance with national policies
    Lack of coherence in the State involvement
    Improve the adaptation of actions by the State
    Insufficient objective to support producers income
    Set up schemes to support income to producers


  • Abstract of the lessons learnt
  • Short term results are promising but the sustainability of the "family farmers" program is not yet ensured. The study has lead to a communication to an international audience, as well as a peer comment which gave some international dimension to the Chinese experience. (Les résultats de court terme sont encourageants, mais la durabilité du programme "family farmers" n'est pas encore assurée. L'étude a conduit à une communication devant une audience internationale et a donné lieu à un commentaire qui a conféré une dimension plus internationale à l'expérience chinoise).
  • Opinion about the possibility of replicating result
  • The study implemented was in line with the concern about the place of agriculture in many developing and emerging countries. Several countries are implementing specific policies which are all worth being analyzed and shared. The Chinese case must be followed up since the modalities of the "family farmers" program will probably evolve so as to take into account lessons from current experiences (L'étude est en phase avec la préoccupation de la place de l'agriculture dans beaucoup de pays émergents ou en développement. Plusieurs pays ont mis en oeuvre des politiques qui méritent d'être analysées et partagées. L'étude du cas chinois doit être poursuivie car les modalités du programme "family farmers" devraient évoluer pour tenir compte des leçons des expériences en cours).